Meet The Team

Hello, I am Sarah. Welcome to Hera Photography Ltd. I have enjoyed photography all my life and worked with some incredible contemporary photographers. I am based near London but have been privileged enough to work behind the camera all over the world. Photography is undoubtedly my passion; with an eye for detail, I take pride in getting relaxed shots, putting people at ease and ensuring we get the best from you.

As the name Hera might suggest, Greece is very important to me, and I travel regularly to Greece for photo shoots.  In Greek mythology Hera was the Queen of Goddesses, as well as the goddess of family and marriage, elements I love to capture in my portraiture.

As well as weddings, christenings, family celebrations, I enjoy sports photography whether that be team sports or following individual competitors.  I also enjoy corporate photography – people or product, I just thrive on being behind the camera. 


Tatum and Honey

Hello, let me echo Sarah’s words and welcome you to Hera Photography.  I have worked with Sarah unofficially for years, so its great to finally join the team.  My passions are landscape and sports photography – you’ll see that from my blog – in particular we specialise in team sports and all things equestrian.  I love working with Hera Photography to ensure we capture the best images for the client, whatever the event.