Personal Photography Projects

My own photography commissions, projects and interests…. please follow the links and take a look.

  • Pro Patria – 21st Century Veterans – the Military Veteran in 2023 is on average mid-to-late 30’s in age and more representative of society than ever before. Portfolios include ‘Missing, In-Action‘ and ‘Veterana
  • But it isn’t October yet!’ Breast (and other) Cancer Victories. – or what to do with 10 metres of pink ribbon January?
  • Greece After Dark – and away from the Islands…
  • Closer to Home. Northumberland, a world away from Greece, maybe….
  • Boudoir’ing – what lies beneath? Empowering the subject and the viewer, personal, bespoke, photoshoots for women and men of any age.

More can be found at hera_photo_sarah on instagram

For followers of Photocrowd, you can find me under my alter-ego, Diakos.

Pro Patria – Veterans Wanted!

But it isnt October…..

Greece After Dark

Live Music, Larisa

Closer to Home ...

Alnmouth Sea Defences