Limited Editions, Exhibition Art and Other Framed Prints

Sea Defences: Coastal Defences on Alnmouth Beach

Concrete block sea defences on beach
Sea Defences

These concrete anti-tank cubes were installed on the sandy beach at Alnmouth, Northumbria, as part of a wider programme of measures to deter invasion during WW2.

Now partly covered by shifting sands, they are an eerie, evocative reminder of a time not so long past when the country was at war.

This is a limited edition of 10 Giclee prints signed by the photographer, each uniquely framed. £80

Denali in Range, Alaska

Mountain with snow on top, set behind trees
Denali, in Range

Denali National Park, Alaska, home to the highest peak in North America, Mount Denali, at 20,300 feet. This image was taken in the last week of the season, as summer transitions into autumn. Framed Giclee Print limited edition of 10. 54cm x 34c £95

Sea View

Sea View

The North Sea over rocks outside Craster Harbour, Northumberland, on a Spring tide.

This is an original print, from a limited edition of 10. 22cm x 37 cm giclee print, mounted and bespoke framed, £80.

Hare Today

Close up side view of Hare in grass
Hare Today….#1
Hare looking up
Hare Today …2

This leveret would spend hours in my garden over a period of about 3 weeks and almost became tame.

Framed and unframed prints available.

Meteora, Greece

Balanced precariously atop rock formations are the monasteries of Meteora.  Of the 24 monasteries built from the 14th century onwards, only 6 remain today.  Meteora is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Framed and unframed prints available.

monastery on high cliff top

Canine Candid

Doggo Round and Round: on the Beach, running circles around me…….because she could!! 54cm x 34 cm mounted and framed print £95.

12 x 10″ mounted, framed and unframed. Or have your own pooch pawtraits. Prices start at £13 for mounted/unframed prints.