What about Pet Portraits?

Is it worth paying a professional photographer to take a picture of your pet? If, like me, you have hundreds of photos on your phone of your dog then I’d say yes. I got Honey the rescue dog just over a year ago and she has well and truly integrated herself into my life and home. I have photos of her in every conceivable location and participating in various activities from sleeping to playing to stealing my spot on the sofa. The common factor is that out of those hundreds I have about one or two I genuinely like and would frame.

A pet portrait perhaps gives the impression of trying to get your dog to sit nicely in a studio while being bribed with treats or toys. Talking from experience having tried to get Honey’s photo taken with Santa in a studio (well, it was Christmas!)  is not a project for the faint hearted!  She tried to steal the treats, barked at Santa (good girl!) and generally caused mayhem! The result was a photo I wasn’t that pleased with but felt obliged to buy.

With Hera Photography photographing pets is much more than a studio portrait. It’s about getting a unique shot or series of images which epitomises your dog’s character and personality. From beloved family pets in a home environment to working dogs out in the field. For Honey it was chasing birds and playing with seaweed on a Northumberland beach, running in ever decreasing circles. 

A professional photographer can offer an independent eye as to what shot of your dog would present them in the best light and work with you to understand how you would like your pet represented. At Hera Photography we love dogs, understand how to get the best from photographing them and always put their needs first when working to get that perfect shot for you.

Have a peek at our canine candids gallery….

Words – tatum@heraphotography.co.uk

Images – Sarah@heraphotography.co.uk